Are we heading towards Mass Extinction ?

Sridhar P
4 min readApr 24, 2020

As I try to pass time in lockdown and come to terms with new normal , I slowly began to realise that it is just a matter of perspective on how we take this pandemic. For some it is a matter of how to kill boredom, for many it is an issue of life and death. despite of disastrous situation I strongly believe this might be the time to push pause button to our “unchained monkey nature” and analyze the way we've been living sofar, this unexpected event could really be an opportunity in transforming our lives. It can not only change our perspective towards life but can teach us the very way of how our life is connected to the unperceived world.

We are living in Surreal times...

Our 3months of witnessing Covid-19 disaster is challenging, exhausting and disheartening.
We all once believed that everything can be handled well if we can plan well ahead. And we have now witnessed how a non-human entity like Covid19 (virus) can take control over us and can even affect one of the most economic powerhouses like United States and brilliantly organised countries like UK, Italy & Spain , we've seen how hopelessly they have surrendered to the situation. While the government's in some countries like India, United States and China are literally using drones to patrol social distancing resembling something out of a science fiction movie. Internationally the pandemic has amplified it's intensity & multiplied within no time and questioned us once again about our existence and reality of fragile biological nature of human being.

Let's deep dive ,

If we consciously look back at the nature of evolution there’s always a repeat in patterns.
Scientists agree that there have been series of mass extinction events (a decrease in Bio-Diversity) from the time of evolution of the earth. When we look at all earth’s fossil records together - (fossil records help us to trace any once-living thing from a past geological age by using stone imprints, bones and shells of humans, animals and microbes) 98% of the species which includes Giant dinosaurs , Bharattherium, Sivatherium, Giant monitor Lizard, Rodrigues Giant tortoises that have ever lived are extinct. As we all know that " Five Mass Extinctions" have passed till now and the causes generally been a catastrophic single events like Volcanic Eruptions, Gamma Ray Bursts and Impact events like Meteorites. But now for the first time in human history our species is experiencing an ongoing extinction, not because of any impact events or gamma ray bursts, but because of our unconscious acts and greed. Scientists have now confirmed that the cause for next Extinction may be Anthropogenic (influence of human beings on nature). It is also now evident with the recorded data that there is already a rise in sea levels , hotter temperatures , more acidic ocean’s and faster rate of decline in wild animal population across the globe due to uncontrolled carbon emissions. Ironically the very innovations that have helped humans to expand rapidly are now threatening to eliminate humans completely.

What we are going through now is an important pattern of "Sixth Mass Extinction".

Along the way we have been altering the eco systems in small but significant ways to suit our needs , but since the industrial revolution (from 1760's) greenhouse gas emissions multiplied and rate of extinction skyrocketed , according to recent survey by Stockholm University at least 600 varieties of plants have become extinct which is 500 times higher than before the industrial revolution. according to major report published by WWF involving 59 scientists across the globe, humanity has wiped out more than half of the planet's wildlife in the last 40 years, the report finds that the vast and growing consumption of food and resources by the population around the globe destroying the web of life. According to U.N. Intergovernmental Panel of Bio Diversity and Eco-System another 1million other species are currently at risk of extinction due to unsustainable economic developments.

After industrialization, in the course of adaptation to the new environment we have created many institution's like Food & Healthcare, Academic Education, Economy, Government etc to survive better ..These institutional systems now have become so advanced to the point that anything connected to nature and it's resources is being unconsciously misused for the benefit of mankind . we are running away from the fact that “we are blindfoldedly walking towards the edge of cliff ” .
With all the events falling in place moving us towards the extinction, it is high time we realise that if the structure stays the same... the system we have created for our betterment can become a vehicle to facilitate the decline of humanity.

All these disease event's like - "Covid-19, Spanish-Flu, Measles, Ebola" and Environmental disasters like ", Earthquakes , Tsunami, Acidic Rains, Extreme precipitation of droughts" etc may look different , but they are not individual events.... from a macrospective they are all symptoms of conveying "the structure cannot stay the same and survive" . The resolution of this pattern is not the evolution of a individual human, but the evolution of the humanity as a superior organism. There is a strong need to look at every act carefully from the viewpoint of nature and consciousness and should always remember that we as humans are not different from the nature, we are like cells in the body of something much larger. we are microcosmos of the infinite macrocosmos. we are all connected with nature.

" When we lose connection with nature, We Exploit it "